Friday, June 17, 2011

a girls day out

So on Thursday I finally got to spend some time with a girl I went to school with, Diane is her name and although neither of us really new each other in high school (it was a class of over 500), we kind of found each other between a little chit-chat at our class reunion and some facebooking.
Gilbertie's Herb Gardens
We decided to met at a place called Gilbertie's Herb Gardens...after a white knuckle drive down RT8 and on to the Merrit Parkway into Westport ( which was home to Ms. Katharine Hepburn...diddly-i! )
Katharine Hepburn's home

I found myself in an overcrowed, overrated town. But on with my journey to visit with Diane. We hugged like we had been friends forever. I aways get a feeling of dread, like I'm never sure I should be doing this, or even am I doing the right thing. (Still seem to be doubting myself ...ugh I hate when I do that!) But things went well and we talked herbs and plants and family....

Then we went back to her house, only a 3 minute drive. I have to say her house was very lovely and with out judging her I thought ...really clean and no really..I'm talking NO STUFF...I thought I was in a hotel for a minute.

So it started to make me am I a pig...or maybe a hoarder. LOL

So she showed me around and we changed into our beach attire and hoped in her car and went off to the town beach (only for people who live in that town...diddly-i)

As we talked about our lives, I realized although we are both 53 years different our lives turned out but how we both want the same love, peace, and security in our lives. We discussed our children and how we would do anything for them. Our husbands, how much we love them despite their faults.

And we even got into a discussion about how she hates stuff (well I guess with all the moving she has done I can understand it, New York, PA, Ct, Japan... oh did I mention her hubby is Japanese). I thought to myself, what would I be without my stuff...I would be a bored crazy woman. Sorry but I love my stuff....I have so many memories in my would be like cutting off my right arm...well to each their own, I guess!!

So we got a little lunch and while sitting in a pavilion on the beach...the crows came in and started to hop on the tables..Diane got all freaked out and called them dirty and disgusting. (OK well then I guess I won't feed them my french fries...LOL).

I left earlier than I had planned, only because I had been worried about my cat Grunt...he hadn't been feeling very good that morning and I wanted to go home and check on him.

So at the end of the day, while thinking about the many discussions with Diane....I had a bit of self awareness.....
1. My house is full of crap ....and I love it.
2. My house needs some serious cleaning. (Damn I wish Amber lived closer)
3. I'm not as deep as some people and I'm OK with that. (being deep hurts my head)
4. I'm not as well off as some people, but we get by(diddly-i).
5. I'm a pretty ballsy woman...once I loosen up ...LOL
6. For 53 years old....I can still turn a head or two (what a good cut and color, nice tan, new bathing suit and a well placed towel can do for a girl my age....LOL!!!)


  1. Sounds like a great day all-around... 'cept for the crows, lol. xo

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  3. Damn straight you can turn a head or two. You turn mine every time I see you! And stuff is good. I like mine too :)